Thursday, 31 March 2016

Solenoid valve for extreme conditions.

The existing ASCO 327 Series solenoid valve has now been made suitable for use in temperatures as low as -60°C, considerably increasing its application options for our customers in the process industry.

Formerly suitable for use down to -50°C, this extension to the temperature range results in a reliable solution for Arctic and Polar conditions, which are increasingly common environments in Oil & Gas exploration. This ATEX certified solenoid valve is already a popular solution in the process industry, thanks to its proven high performance and robust construction. It also offers CUTR and IECEx certifications.

This additional feature has been achieved thanks to the inclusion of a Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) seal which provides exceptional temperature resistance. This, in combination with a higher spring force and a power consumption of 5.6/5.7 Watt AC/DC, provides excellent sealing properties and a long life expectancy.

Customers will benefit from the same high performance, long life and safety certifications always promised by the 327 Series, even in Arctic/Polar conditions. The total temperature range of the 327 Series now covers -60˚C up to +90˚C.

The new feature is available on a range of 327 Series valves with a wide selection available via Express Fast Ship delivery.

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