Friday, 11 March 2016

Flash point measurement.

PAC’s Herzog OptiFlash is the result of 50 years of experience in automated flash point measurement. It is designed to perfectly meet today’s expectations on user convenience, quality and safety.

OptiFlash Small Scale uses very low volume samples to accurately detect flashpoints for petroleum products, biodiesels, solvents, chemicals, paints and varnishes, food and beverages while complying to the leading global standards such as ASTM D3828, ISO 3679 and ASTMD7236 (Ramp Method).

With the OptiFlash’s intuitive user interface and built-in automation, users can now easily start a test by just following the instructins on the screen and get a result within 3 to 4 minutes. The very low required sample volume of only 2 or 4 ml can be easily injected with a syringe or pipette. The OptiFlash Small Scale models can detect flashpoints from -30°C to 300°C.

Soovo Sen, PAC’s VP of Engineering explains “The OptiFlash Small Scale is the latest addition to our OptiFlash product family, which also contains Optiflash Pensky Martens, OptiFlash Tag and OptiFlash Abel. They all follow the utmost quality and safety standards”

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