Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Switch supports faster network deployment.

Advantech’s Industrial Connectivity Group (ICG) has launched their first switch which supports IXM device management technology. IXM, provides engineers with the ability to assign a fixed range of IP address to many devices at the same time, and also provides them with the ability to simultaneously copy the same switch configuration across multiple switches. Once the ‘master’ has been configured, IXM can be launched and within seconds all other IXM compatible switches will be populated with the same settings. This function saves up to 90% of the configuration time not only speeds up the configuration but also ensures that mistakes aren’t made.

Key Functions:
1. IXM provides auto IP assignment, mass firmware upgrades, mass and flexible restoration of configuration files.
2. Communication with NMS (Networking Management System) via SNMP.
3. PoE (Power over Ethernet) model supports IEEE802.3at with two 24~48VDC power inputs and P-Fail relay.
4. Supports Advantech X-ring and X-ring Pro technology
5. Supports IPv4 and IPv6

IXM: Faster Network Deployment
The latest trend in modern industrial environments is the fast deployment and flexibility of a networking topology. Upgrading firmware and setting the configuration of a large number of devices is a challenging job for both IT and SI (System Integrator) professionals. As a global leader of industrial networking technologies, Advantech is pleased to introduce the world’s very first series of Managed Ethernet Switches to make networking deployment and configuration more efficient. IXM technology on the EKI-7710 is the solution to fast network and configuration deployment.

IXM technology for EKI-7710 series switches provides a cross management and fast deployment function allowing switches to upgrade their firmware and restore configuration more efficiently.
In order to allow more rapid networking deployment, IXM technology supports both mass firmware upgrades and flexible configuration restoration via a web GUI. The EKI-7710 comes with a jumbo frame function which supports packets up to 9216 Bytes. The benefit of jumbo frames is that they can carry more data in a packet. This makes it ideal for video surveillance.

EKI-7710 Managed Ethernet Switches use the highest quality components to be able to operate in a wide range of operating temperature from -40 to 75°C and Level 3 EMS protection against electromagnetic interference.

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