Wednesday 12 June 2024

Fieldbus-independent software applications strengthened.

FieldComm Group has become the twenty third member of the PACTware Consortium. The PACTware application is now available for download through FieldComm Group. When users install PACTware, all currently registered HART Communication Protocol FDI Device Packages will also be installed.

“PACTware has been used for years by engineers to configure individual devices that support FDT/DTM technology. We wanted to provide this same level of support for devices using FDI Device Packages. With PACTware 6.1 support of FDI technology, this desire is now realized,” stated Paul Sereiko, Director Marketing and Product Strategy at FieldComm Group. “By including registered HART FDI Device Packages in FieldComm Group’s PACTware download we’ve made it very easy for end users to configure devices with FDI and evaluate FDI specific features like User Interface Plugins (UIPs).”

With the support of FDI technology in PACTware 6.1, PACTware becomes one of the few manufacturer- and fieldbus-independent software applications to support the two leading device integration technologies, FDI and FDT/DTM, within a single tool.

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