Monday 24 June 2024

Pneumatic auto-retraction system.

A retraction system for thermal imagers has been launched by Ametek. This will safeguard the instrument and preventing overheating or damage in the event of loss of power, purge flow loss or cooling. It complements the thermal imager range, adding another level of safety and damage prevention.

Their Land Pneumatic Auto-Retraction System (LPAR) is ideal for a wide range of furnaces and other applications due to its seamless integration with both water-cooled and air-cooled furnace camera systems.

Developed for use with the NIR-B-656, NIR-B-2K, NIR-B-640 and the MWIR-B-640, the LPAR is supplied as part of a complete furnace camera systems or as an upgrade to existing systems.

Manfred Hayk, Head of Product Management at AMETEK Land, said “The LPAR is a highly engineered system, operating reliably 24/7 in the most challenging industrial environments. It’s the preferred system of choice for all applications as it operates using pressured air and electricity alone.”

The LPAR system will remove the instrument from the process if air pressure to the cylinder is lost, the cooling or purge flow drops below requirements or exceeds media temperature limits. It will also activate if the NIR-B lens system temperature reaches its alarm level, mains power is lost or the camera temperature exceeds the limit (NIR-B 656 & NIR-B 2K only).

Ametek Land has developed a range of thermal camera systems with advanced spectral responses and temperature ranges from 300 to 2000 °C (572 to 3632 °F). These systems can be equipped with either water cooling and air purging or air cooling and air purging, tailored to suit specific application requirements.

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