Thursday 6 June 2024

AGM of Automation Technology Interest Group of the Process Industry.

Boundless Automation theme highlights next-generation automation architecture that enables improved data utilisation and operating performance

NAMUR is the international user association of automation technology and digitalisation in the process industries and its influential two-day congress will host over 650 industry executives, expert users and automation suppliers who gather to learn the latest advancements in automation technology and software. This year Emerson will sponsor the NAMUR 2024 Annual General Meeting on November 21-22 in Neuss- near Düsseldorf (D)*.

In alignment with Emerson’s vision for Boundless Automation™, a next-generation automation architecture that enables companies to achieve new levels of performance and better utilise data and software for greater organisational agility and performance, the theme of NAMUR’s event is ‘Boundless Automation for Ecosystems in Action.’ 
See also our piece Towards "Boundless Automation." (25/10/20220).

Peter Zornio, chief technology officer at Emerson, will deliver the keynote presentation, highlighting how Emerson’s Boundless Automation strategy aligns with NAMUR concepts and recommendations, helping process plants achieve their full potential. He will also share insights on how a next-generation automation architecture unlocks the true potential of data to enable modern operating models.

“The NAMUR Annual General Meeting provides industry leaders a platform to understand the latest automation developments and how they can apply these advancements to improve efficiency, reliability, safety and sustainability,” said NAMUR president Felix Hanisch. “We welcome Emerson as our event sponsor and look forward to learning about technologies and strategies that enable Boundless Automation.”

The future automation architecture will connect the intelligent field, the edge, and cloud computing using open standards and protocols – such as Ethernet-APL (Advanced Physical Layer), PROFINET®, OPC-UA, WirelessHART®, 5G and others – across a unifying data fabric. This approach will empower companies to liberate silos of production, sustainability, reliability and safety data to extract maximum value through powerful analytics and optimisation software.

“Emerson looks forward to connecting with industry leaders to discuss how modern automation solutions empower companies to optimise their manufacturing facilities in multiple domains at the NAMUR conference,” said John Nita, president of Emerson in Europe. “Modernising operations has become restricted by the limitations of today’s automation architectures. By converging rich data and powerful software, Boundless Automation liberates data to unleash the power of software, helping manufacturers reach unprecedented levels of performance.”

Across a comprehensive conference program, including presentations from a broad range of process industry leaders, NAMUR will advise delegates of the challenges and best practices when applying modern automation architectures, technologies and software.

Workshops and exhibits hosted and delivered by Emerson subject matter experts will focus on:

    • Implementing a modern automation architecture with NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) and Module Type Package (MTP).
    • Increasing asset reliability with innovative sensor technology and asset management systems (AMS) and machinery health software.
    • Expanding access to field instrumentation and safety data with Ethernet-APL
    • Maximising return on investment through `born digital’ and project certainty approaches.
    • Using AI-enabled industrial software to achieve remote and autonomous operation.
In addition to the workshops, Emerson will exhibit intelligent field devices, the company’s modern DeltaV™ distributed control system, and new innovations enabling OT edge and cloud computing, plus optimisation software that delivers greater insight and drives measurable operational improvements.
* Registration via the NAMUR website will be possible from the end of July 2024.

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