Tuesday 11 June 2024

Audit success achieved.

Customers can access a fully certified fast-turnaround bespoke connector service

Lane Electronics, premium distributor for the EATON Souriau range of high-performance interconnect technologies and have successfully passed an audit of their value-added distribution facility.

Lane Electronics VAD team.

In addition to being able to supply an extensive range of EATON’s market leading Souriau connectors from their comprehensive stock, Lane Electronics also provides a value-added assembly service. With access to a wide range of additional component parts their in-house Value-Added Distribution (VAD) capability means they are able to assemble and supply many more standard connectors that can be custom configured and assembled to order and help customer’s get new products to market quickly and reliably.

To retain their qualified assembling distributor status a regular audit is required and Patrick Sangleboeuf, VAD Product Manager of EATON Interconnect Technologies Division recently visited Lane Electronics’ facility in Sussex to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their in-house assembly. This covered the very popular D38999 / MIL-DTL-38999 series I and III, their commercial equivalents 8LT and 8D and derivatives, as well as the 8STA and the micro-38999 ranges.

Nick Wheeler, Sales Director of Lane Electronics says, “We are very pleased that the audit of our Souriau connector VAD facility by EATON was a success, and we can continue to offer our customers a fully certified fast-turnaround bespoke connector service.”

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