Friday 7 June 2024

Vibration monitoring kits.

The FLIR SV88™ and SV89™ Vibration Monitoring Solution Kits have been released. They are designed to help monitor critical equipment by continuously analyzing vibrations, detecting faults, and alerting you to potential defects and future problems

With its Multi-communication protocols, rugged, IP66 rating and wireless capability, the SV88 and SV89 Vibration Monitoring Solution Kits allow you to make critical data-driven decisions that alert you to potential issues and extend the life of your valuable equipment.

“FLIR now offers a vibration and temperature monitoring solution for our customers that easily integrates with their industrial platforms, allowing for the detailed insights they need to make informed decisions, improve predictive maintenance efforts and achieve optimal asset uptime and reliability.” declared John Gould, FLIR Global Director of Business Development – Condition Monitoring.

FLIR developed the SV88 and SV89 Vibration Monitoring Solution Kits with continuous condition monitoring and data control in mind. The wireless capability with the SV88 and SV89 Vibration Monitoring Solution Kits allow for flexibility and deployment in various industrial environments, while also allowing users to more securely control and utilize their data, thanks to the kit ecosystem.

With an easy to use, web-based GUI on the gateway, you can deploy your sensors and establish measurement frequencies as well as view trending data directly within the web interface. For advanced users who need to send vibration and temperature data to external systems, the kits provide connectivity through Modbus, MQTT and OPC UA protocols.

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