Friday 21 June 2024

Hydraulic remote control portfolio.

Danfoss Power Solutions has announced the global launch of its portfolio of high-performance hydraulic remote controls. Designed to withstand extreme and harsh environments, the Danfoss DHRC line increases machine productivity through superior controllability and operator comfort, plus customizable, robust designs offering high reliability. Danfoss’ hydraulic remote control range includes the DHRCJ joystick, DHRCP foot pedal, and DHRCD sectional valve. The controls are ideal for excavators, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, forklifts, truck cranes, aerial work platforms, telehandlers, and drilling machinery.

“Danfoss has over 30 years of experience in developing hydraulic remote controls. We’ve offered these products on a limited basis to select customers, but we’re now ready to scale production and bring the benefits to the broader global market. OEMs need robust systems and reliable performance, and we’re ready to deliver with our DHRC joysticks, pedals, and valves,” said Seonghun Lee, senior product portfolio and marketing manager, Connect and Control Solutions, Danfoss Power Solutions.

With low leakage and hysteresis plus good linearity, the DHRC line delivers precise and repeatable operation for superior machine controllability. The joystick valve’s body and spool provide smooth and sensitive operation while minimizing internal leakage.

Flexible, customizable designs enable original equipment manufacturers to tailor the controls to the application. DHRCJ joystick options include seven switch boxes, four grips, four boots, and four bodies. The DHRCP pedal is available in seven styles, including single and double pedals, with five bellows and seven body options. The DHRCD sectional valve offers 11 lever and bar designs, four boots, and six body options.

The Danfoss DHRC range is designed for comfortable use with minimal effort, which increases productivity. The joystick features an ergonomically designed handle with a comfortable hand rest. Its grip can be configured with a comprehensive set of finger functions, enabling true personalization based on individual preferences and operational requirements.

With its robust designs, DHRC controls ensure high quality and reliability. The joystick’s valve is protected from dust by outer and inner boots. It features a strong rod seal that provides long life and low friction sealing. The DHRCJ joystick switch box is rated to IP68, while the proportional switch is rated to IP69K, offering high levels of ingress protection.

The joystick and double pedal have a rated flow of 20 L/min, while the sectional valve has a rated flow of 10 L/min. Various output pressure and operating torque options are available, and consistent performance is guaranteed over a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 60°C.

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