Friday 12 May 2023

Simplefied oxygen analysis.

 The SERVOPRO MonoExact DF150E,from Servomex, has an improved digital touchscreen and icon-driven guided user interface for easier operation, combining the reliability of Servomex’s tried and tested Coulometric oxygen sensor with a more user-friendly package.

From machinery manufacturing to pharmaceutical, chemical, metalworking, cytotechnology and aerospace, the MonoExact DF150E can facilitate the customer’s journey with its improved operating system.

Built around the latest innovations in software and hardware, including an updated Coulometric digital oxygen sensor, the MonoExact DF150E brings users operational maintenance benefits that improve user control and reduce costs of ownership.

A direct successor to the DF-150E, the MonoExact DF150E delivers the same precise, accurate oxygen measurement in a backwards-compatible design that integrates easily into existing systems.

“This ensures the MonoExact DF150E complies with existing standards and customer agreements, without the need for re-testing or re-qualification,” Matt Chambers Business Unit Manager P&S, said.

“At the heart of the MonoExact DF150E is our Hummingbird Coulometric sensor, which builds on the original DF Coulometric sensor’s accurate trace measurements. There have been significant design improvements that help to reduce analyzer downtime.”

IG customers requiring accurate process control and product qualification rely on precise measurements delivered by the MonoExact DF150E. Built with the newer advanced user interface, which offers immediate hands-on control via a high-brightness touchscreen display.

Its software has been optimized for a simple user journey, the touchscreen-guided user interface making reporting or adjusting control parameters seamless.

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