Thursday 18 May 2023

Demonstrating robotic and machine automation capabilities.

Cobot, magnetic levitation handling system, and Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) working together to show potential of latest generation of automation technology.

ABB is to showcase its ability to offer a one-stop-shop for complete automated solutions for multiple industrial applications at Automation UK (Coventry GB, 20-21 June 2023). Their stand will include a demonstration featuring ABB’s GoFa collaborative robot and B&R’s ACOPOS 6D revolutionary new handling system.

Offering a 5kg payload and a class-leading 950 mm reach, GoFa is designed as a collaborative partner for a wide range of applications. With a top speed of 2.2 m/s, GoFa is faster than other cobots in its class, while also offering easy programming and a high degree of built-in safety.

The demonstration will show GoFa working in collaboration with B&R’s ACOPOS 6D system, which uses magnetically levitating shuttles to carry products and materials to processing stations, eliminating mechanical wear, and speeding up transit times. ACOPOS 6D uses a variety of magnetic shuttles to carry payloads of 0.6 to 14 kilograms, reaching speeds of up to 2 m/s. They can move freely in two-dimensional space, rotate and tilt along three axes and offer precise control over the height of levitation. Offering six degrees of motion control freedom, the shuttles can be precisely positioned to within ±5 µm, making ACOPOS 6D perfectly suited for applications with strict positioning requirements.

The demonstration will also show how ABB’s range of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can be applied to offer new possibilities for transforming productivity by reducing the time and resources needed to convey units between storage and production or distribution stations.

The stand will also offer the opportunity to find out more about the latest products and solutions available, with videos featuring news and applications featuring ABB and B&R technologies.

“Robotic automation offers real, proven possibilities that can enable companies, from manufacturing and distribution to healthcare, to grow their potential by transforming their flexibility and maximizing their productivity and competitiveness,” says Nigel Platt, General Manager - RA UK and Ireland. “The solutions on display on our stand are part of a wider portfolio of products and systems that demonstrate our ability to help companies to take advantage of the real growth opportunities presented by automation.”

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