Tuesday 9 May 2023

Sponsoring student racing.

Analog Devices sponsors formula student team wob-racing for 2023 season.

As a platinum sponsor of the student Team wob-racing’s latest Formula Student race car, the WR17, Analog Devices (ADI) is continuing to support the future of engineering talent in the automotive industry. The race car utilises a wide range of ADI’s technology within the electric vehicle powertrain, including within the inverter assembly and battery management system. With ADI’s broad portfolio of cutting-edge technology, it was a natural progression for Team wob-racing to approach ADI for sponsorship of the team for their 2023 season, alongside other automotive ecosystem players such as Vector and Bertrandt.

LtoR: Felix Veltmaat, Technical Leader at Team wob-racing, Yannick Limberg, Commercial Project Management Leader at Team wob-racing, Jörg Vollandt, Principal Field Applications Engineer, and Rocco Marco Guglielmi, Staff Field Applications Engineer both with Automotive at Analog Devices in EMEA
“It’s so inspiring to see these young people flex their creativity with some fantastic engineering in their automotive designs. Nurturing the future of our industry requires everyone to foster a spirit of collaboration in our incoming talent,” said Shalini Palmer, Corporate Vice President of Sales, EMEA at ADI. “At ADI, we’ve partnered with many of the most innovative organisations in the automotive sector and we see how incredibly important co-creation is for accelerating towards a more sustainable future. Investing in the future workforce is a priority, and ADI is very proud to sponsor Team wob-racing.”

Founded 20 years ago by students of the Faculty of Automotive Engineering at the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences (D), Team wob-racing is one of the oldest Formula Student racing teams in Germany. In 2011, the project pivoted to designing electric vehicles. The latest concept, the WR17, is the team’s most optimised design thus far. It is capable of accelerating to 100km/h within 2.2 seconds. Effective energy management is a critical capability for electric vehicles to achieve better performance and longer range, and ADI continues to lead that charge through its innovations in automotive electrification technology.

The future engineers made one of the biggest innovations in the team's history with their new in-house developed inverters. Alongside the battery management system, the inverters are another important component of the race car, which uses many ADI parts. To complete the development, the team was able to use an axle test rig from their sponsor Bertrandt to evaluate the best possible electronic control of the system.

“The most important factor for the one-year development of a Formula Student Race car is reliability and short-term availability, especially for electronic components. We were able to easily integrate ADI’s solutions into almost every electronic assembly in our WR17, thanks to the high quality and truly extensive product range they provided,” said Felix Veltmaat, Technical Leader at Team wob-racing.

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