Friday 26 May 2023

Interactive and customisable in-person event.

Tackle Key Challenges Facing Industries in 2023, empowering customers to transform operations and meet sustainability goals.

Registration is now open for Emerson’s Innovation Days, a series of in-person events designed to demonstrate how its latest automation technologies and software can help industrial organisations meet their key operational and environmental sustainability goals.

Being held across Europe throughout 2023, the Innovation Days will be both interactive and customisable, with delegates able to select a programme applicable to their own industry and specific company challenges. Delegates will be able to learn how the latest Emerson solutions help to reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency, transition to renewable energy, optimise process performance, reduce downtime, manage corrosion, remotely monitor equipment health, increase operational safety, perform data analysis at the network edge, and optimise control system performance.

Emerson experts will present deep-dive discussions, Q&A sessions and a series of technology demonstrations that explain ways of increasing energy efficiency that provide a quick return on investment; understanding and reducing fugitive emissions; how data integration and digital transformation supports automated predictive maintenance; and strategies for the digitalisation of decarbonisation projects. Additional demonstrations will focus on specific technologies, including intelligent valves, advanced control systems and software applications, and intelligent field devices, with Emerson product specialists describing current and future developments. Delegates will also have the opportunity to share their experiences, network with their peers and discuss their application challenges.

“Industrial organisations have a shared responsibility to help create a more environmentally responsible planet, and that requires them to not only meet consumer demand as safely and efficiently as possible, but also ensure that they do so in the most sustainable manner,” said John Nita, president of Emerson’s Europe business. “Emerson’s Innovation Days are designed to help delegates discover ways that automation solutions can help them improve their energy management and reduce emissions, while also ensuring continued safe, reliable and compliant operations.”

The Innovation Days are aimed at plant management, operations and maintenance personnel in a range of industries, including energy, life sciences, mining, power, water, chemical, and food and beverage. The events will be held in more than a dozen countries and presented in the local language. 

The first Innovation Day in Britain will be held in Harrogate on June 27th 2023. Register here.

Also in the following venues (more venues later)

31. May - 1. June 2023, Vinařství u Kapličky, Zaječí 

8 June 2023, Cantina Bersi Serlini, Franciacorta

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