Wednesday 31 May 2023

IIoT smart valve technology.

Trillium Flow Technologies (Trillium) has launched its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Smart Valve Technology.

Trillium is positioned to capitalize on the worldwide IIoT digital transformation permeating industrial markets. The new Smart Valve Technology is an innovative solution leveraging the power of big data to provide unprecedented insights. Designed with meticulous precision, their Smart Valve Technology provides real-time monitoring capabilities coupled with a comprehensive care solution that empowers businesses to engage proactively in planned preventive maintenance.

The key benefit of this approach is a significant reduction in system downtime. This advanced IIoT solution facilitates more efficient operations, leading to a marked increase in productivity. Trillium is setting a new standard in proactive system management in the industrial sector by transforming raw data into actionable intelligence.  

Paired with their Smart Pump Technology, Cyclops2, offered under their Termomeccanica Pompe brand, Trillium now offers a comprehensive predictive maintenance platform across both pumps and valves for its flow control product range.

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