Thursday 4 May 2023

Evaluation kits simplify and shorten the design process.

Evaluation kits for the high-resolution 18-bit digital pressure sensors in the AMS 5935 series have been announced by Analog Microeletronics GmbH. With the new USB Starter-Kit/Data-Logger AMS 5935 and the Arduino Uno Kit AMS 5935, two evaluation platforms are now available that simplify and shorten the design-in process significantly.

The USB Starter Kit consists of two PCBs, a USB cable and software for a Windows PC. This allows the AMS 5935 to be connected to a PC without any additional components and to read data from the sensor's I2C interface. In addition, the Starter Kit provides the ability to change the sensor's I2C address and to graphically display and save measurement data to a file.

If the developer does not only want to use the predefined functions of the starter kit, but also wants to implement own functions, read out measurement data from the sensor's SPI interface or have more influence on the data analysis, the Arduino Uno Kit AMS 5935 is a good choice. The kit consists of a PCB that is plugged into Arduino Uno's connectors and the software package "AMS". This makes it possible to read out AMS 5935's measurement data with the help of an Arduino Uno in a very short time.

Wether the USB Starter Kit or the Arduino Uno Kit AMS 5935 are chosen, both allow quickly to find out if the sensor is suitable for a planned application.

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