Friday, 4 June 2021

Barrier terminal blocks.

The DKU series of screw type barrier terminal blocks, from Dinkle International, are typically used for power transmission in control panels and power distribution cabinets, and they have been upgraded for easier use with various types of cable lugs. They are particularly suitable for high vibration industrial applications, including transportation and railway.

Traditional designs for screw terminals required workers to entirely remove screws and washers when connecting ring-lugged wires, which is time-consuming and can lead to dropped and lost screws.

New DKU screw type terminal blocks use a spring-guided system where the screws are integrated and captive within the terminal enclosure. These screws can be backed out so that ring- or U-shaped cable lugs can be inserted, without the possibility of losing the screw. The housing also ensures proper alignment of the screw and lug. Connection screws are integrated with washers to deliver secure connectivity and vibration resistance, even in harsh environments. The screws and washers are made with zinc-plated steel to inhibit rust.

The DKU terminal housing is designed to enclose the screws and conductors, providing better protection for the user and equipment than traditional designs that lack a cover. DKU terminals are available in DIN rail and panel-mount configurations, and are offered with accessories to improve installation convenience, such as jumpers, marking labels, end caps, and end brackets.

DKU terminals are offered in five sizes ranging from 15A for M3 and 26-14AWG, up to 60A M5 20-6AWG, all rated for use up to 600V. They carry approvals from UL and cUL recognized, and and the materials are RoHS compliant.

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