Tuesday, 8 June 2021

The progress of US flowmeters.

Flow Research has been following the ultrasonic flowmeter market since 2000, and we have seen many changes occur during that time. It's been more than three years since their most recent study of this market was published - the 5th Edition. A new study "The World Market for Ultrasonic Flowmeters, 6th Edition." has now been issued.

This study consists of three separate studies which are now available:

• Core Study: The World Market for Ultrasonic Flowmeters, 6th Edition
• Module A: The World Market for Inline Ultrasonic Flowmeters
• Module B: The World Market for Clamp-on and Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeters

These gathered data for both 2019 and 2020 and gives a clear picture of the market in 2019, along with data on how the pandemic affected the market in 2020. With conditions gradually improving, this study gives a sound footing for the rebound that is already occurring in 2021 and is likely to continue through the forecast period of 2024. In the past few days oil prices have reached a two year high and are now near $70 per barrel. Demand for natural gas is growing, and the next few years should be strong ones for ultrasonic flowmeters. Ultrasonic flowmeters will also be a major factor in the growth of renewable energy.

The ultrasonic flowmeter market has proved, along with Coriolis, to be one of the fastest growing flowmeter markets in the past 20 years. Ultrasonic flowmeters are unique in that they have three distinct mounting types: Inline, Clamp-on, and Insertion. This gives them a versatility that other flowmeters lack, and makes them ideal for check metering, measuring flare gases, and highly accurate Inline flow measurement. What ultrasonic meters are perhaps best known for is their ability to measure custody transfer of natural gas and petroleum liquids.

New Product Developments in Inline Meters
The Inline Ultrasonic market is especially important because these meters are used for growing custody transfer applications for both oil and natural gas. Ultrasonic meters are holding their own against competing turbine and differential pressure flowmeters because these other flowmeter types still present challenges for certain applications. Inline meters offer greater security and typically greater accuracy than clamp-on and insertion meters, and they are the largest market of the three types. Many of the new developments, like twin transmitters and more accurate multipath measurement, are occurring with inline meters.

Insertion and Clamp-on Markets: A Critical Part of the Picture
The insertion and clamp-on markets are also an increasingly important part of the ultrasonic picture. Insertion meters are widely used to measure flare and stack gas emissions. These meters are increasingly important in a world of tightening environmental regulations. They also are more economical than inline meters, since they can be hot tapped or cold tapped and do not have a meter body.

Clamp-on meters have the unique feature that they can measure flow with no pipe penetration - they simply clamp on to the outside of a pipe and send ultrasonic signals to a receiver on the other side of the pipe. Clamp-on meters are widely used as check meters and to spot check flows where inline meters are not needed or are impractical. The technology of clamp-on meters continues to improve.

Module B presents the data for insertion and clamp-on meters in their own separate dedicated chapters, complete with their own growth factors and detailed segmentation. Companies that only manufacture clamp-on or insertion flowmeters will find this module especially attractive.

The Ultimate Package: Putting it All Together
The Core Study takes the most critical data from Modules A and B and puts it together into a picture of the entire ultrasonic flowmeter market. The Core Study allows you to compare inline, clamp-on, and insertion meters in terms of market size, growth rate, and market shares. It also contains all the company profiles from both Modules A and B, and also the product analyses. The Core Study is great as a standalone study, but even better together with Modules A and B.

Flow Research is making a special offer on the ultrasonic studies they call the "Ultimate Package" that enables ordering of all three studies for the price of two. With this order, they offer a substantial discount on their new study, published in April, called "Flowmeters in the Oil & Gas Industry."

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