Monday, 7 June 2021

Combustion engine development.

Since Kistler launched its KiBox in 2009, it has become a market leading measurement system for combustion engine development. Kistler is now launching the next generation, KiBox2, a new and completely redesigned version featuring the latest advances in connectivity, usability and software with the capability to meet the needs of powertrain analysis of internal combustion, electric and hybrid power units. Designed as a modular, extendable platform, KiBox2 opens the way for development engineers to attain unprecedented levels of efficiency in powertrain optimization.

In vehicle powertrain measurement
Automotive design is undergoing a radical transformation: electric and fuel-cell vehicles are gaining ground on global markets but internal combustion engines will continue to play a key part, with plenty of scope for ongoing optimization. To meet the challenges of this new era in the evolution of the automobile, development engineers need measurement technology that is flexible and easy to use. Kistler's response: the all-new KiBox2, a comprehensive powertrain diagnostics system for engine development. Based on an innovative open architecture, the new KiBox2 is a complete solution for electric as well as non-electric powertrains which will help users minimize time to market putting them one step ahead of the competition:

• Versatile in-vehicle and test bench testing, irrespective of electrification level
• Verified real-time performance for both closed-loop and in-cycle engine control
• State-of-the-art user interface with active user guidance
• Maximum connectivity including WLAN, hotspot capability and GPS
• Full backward compatibility with the original KiBox
• Extendable with software upgrades
• Future-proof system architecture based on flexible hardware and software modules

New modular system architecture featuring state-of-the-art technologies

Full connectivity & Usibility
Modularity is a key advantage of the KiBox2, with both hardware and software designed according to the modular principle. The new solution from Kistler also includes the KiBox Cockpit software: an open ecosystem for parametrization, visualization and analysis that ensures seamless connection to third-party devices. The advanced data management functions, included as standard, ensure that the testing efficiency is optimised. The user experience is now enhanced by active-intuitive guidance with voice control and audio feedback to guarantee safe and efficient operation while driving. The list of new benefits include: improved signal conditioning for the crank angle sensor, bidirectional CAN-FD interface and cascading of up to four KiBox2 units.

The key to maximum efficiency in engine development
By integrating measurement and analysis capability for both electric and combustion-based powertrains in the KiBox2, Kistler has developed one of the most versatile and comprehensive powertrain diagnostics systems available on today's market. Outstanding usability, advanced data management features and modular expandability make this solution even more attractive.

An added benefit is that users can enhance their engine development capabilities by using metrics for electric machine efficiency characterization, as well as in-cylinder pressure metrics for “normal” and “abnormal” combustion, including new synthetic fuels. The new KiBox2 is a paradigm shift for propulsion system measurement, providing a complete, highly efficient powertrain diagnostic and optimization solution.

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