Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Clean pH probes.

Through the combined use of an automatic cleaning control unit and a retractable probe housing, the necessary maintenance steps on pH sensors can be minimised.

The option of controlling all pneumatically operated retractable probe housings of Exner's EXtract series fully automatically is given with the EXmatic 470 cleaning control unit.

Compared to conventional, permanently installed measuring points, retractable housings offer the system operator many advantages. Used correctly, for example in pH measurement technology, maintenance work at the measuring point is significantly reduced, the service life of the sensors used is extended and the reliability and availability of the measured value are increased. An efficient cleaning control is of essential importance for the safe and economical automation of the retractable probe housings.

Operation of the EXmatic 470 is very easy for the user thanks to a clear menu structure and the use of a touch-sensitive color display. Optionally, a wireless network connection together with a mobile device can also be used for parameterisation.

Another special feature is the openness of the system, that means the cleaning control unit is not tied to a specific manufacturer of sensors or transmitters. The EXmatic 470 is used in a wide variety of areas. For example in the paper and sugar industry, water and wastewater treatment and in power stations.

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