Tuesday 8 September 2020

Water softner alarm.

If hard water is produced at the output of the softener instead of soft water expected, this may be due to the water softener tank. The concentration of salt or water may be too low or there may be other defects in the tank. A direct message may be monitored indicating that maintenance is required on the salt/brine tank of the softener.

The WLAN-enabled sensor SALIS, developed by Online Fluid Sensoric GmbH (OFS), enables alarms to be received by e-mail. The early identification of the problem allows quick measures to avoid unnecessary hard water damage. To get soft water for more security and at the same time to minimize the effort for controls and maintenance to the bare minimum.

Provided that a WLAN network is available at the location of the water softener and the salt / brine storage tank must be serviced. The operator then receives an e-mail message from the SALIS system, ideally directly on his smartphone. A reminder function can be activated, with which the evaluation unit of the sensor sends an e-mail as a reminder every 24 hours.

If there is no WLAN available at the location, a potential-free contact is available to forward the sensor's alarm by wire. Two LEDs on the device also indicate the status and any alarms on site. This means that you can always be sure of knowing when the maintenance of the water softener tank has to be carried out.

The sensor can be quickly installed in any salt / brine storage tank of the softener. The compact control is space-saving and easy to assemble. The high level of accuracy, quick responsiveness and stability help to quickly identify problems with the softener and to inform the operator.

It is optionally possible to connect and signal another external alarm of the softener. If there is a problem with the control of the water softener, the alarm is forwarded by e-mail or potential-free contact. If necessary, the alarm output time can be parameterized for the sensor and the external device.

SALIS can be used to identify problems with the water softener tank. The water in the tank dissolves part of the salt over a few hours, turning the water into brine. When the softener is exhausted, this brine is required to regenerate the softener. With each regeneration, the salt supply decreases. The humidity in the storage tank causes the salt to incrust and can clog the water pipe in the tank or block the salt in the upper part of the tank. Every water softener therefore requires continuous monitoring of the brine-salt storage system.

SALIS takes on this task of constantly checking the tank. This permanent control prevents water damage and reduces maintenance work to a necessary minimum.

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