Friday 4 September 2020

Safe sulphur recovery.

A dedicated sulfur recovery unit webpage has been launched by Applied Analytics™ [AAI], to provide clients with a clear picture of the solutions we can provide. The webpage includes a process flow diagram of the sulfur recovery unit and calls out the measurement points of interest with descriptions and pictures of our equipment.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a byproduct of processing natural gas and high-sulphur crude oil. At low concentrations, H2S has an odor much like rotten eggs, is corrosive and fatal at concentrations greater than 500 ppmvl. This extremely dangerous byproduct must be closely monitored and the amount of H2S released to the atmosphere must be minimised.

A Sulfur Recovery Plant serves to convert H2S in an incoming gas stream into elemental sulphur where it can be stored or repurposed. Sulphur recovery plants are required to recover 95 to 99.99% of the total sulfur that is introduced into the plant. Emissions regulations are becoming more stringent with each year that passes, which is why high-quality industrial analysis equipment in Sulphur Recovery Plants is of major importance. Applied Analytics Inc. manufactures analytical solutions used to control and optimize the operation of the sulfur recovery unit including measurements in the sour/acid gas inlet, Claus tail gas, tail gas treatment unit (TGTU) and sulphur pit.

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