Tuesday 1 September 2020

Cloud based engineering.

Whether creating complex digital twins or Industrial IoT control systems, cloud-based engineering tools have arrived.

In this new AUTOMATION 2020 eBook, the reader will discover how these tools support digital twins for upstream oil and gas production, learn how to enable a next-generation edge-to-cloud control architecture, and review cloud/edge computing projects that could apply to your facility.

Topics included:
Essential Digital Twins for Upstream Oil and Gas
The oil and gas industry will continue to see increased adoption of remote asset and enterprise performance management solutions enabled by digital twin technology.

Building Industrial IoT from Edge to Cloud
A more distributed global architecture is enabling connectivity from the field to the cloud for sensors and actuators, and for the I/O systems and controllers linked to them.

The Engineering Simulation Revolution Has Begun
The emergence of generative design and digital twins is combining with other business drivers to increase the demand for engineering simulation.

Six Cases of Cloud/Edge Computing Innovation
Presenters at the Inductive Automation Ignition Community Conference shared many examples of their companies’ realworld efforts to combine edge and cloud computing to benefit engineering, operations, and more.

Cloud Computing: Collaboration Facilitator
The democratization of even the most sophisticated aspects of the engineering workflow puts simulation into more hands than ever before.

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