Friday 4 September 2020

Life sciences OEM programme.

Collaboration with leading OEMs will reduce cost and time to bring therapies to market.

Emerson has started the DeltaV™ Life Sciences OEM Programme to help life sciences companies more easily adopt digitally-enabled manufacturing that improves the quantity, quality and speed of production. The programme is built on Emerson’s Engineered Solutions Provider (ESP) programme and provides structured collaboration with life sciences original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), such as equipment and skid builders, and will accelerate the technology transfer process that is critical to quickly manufacturing therapies for patient use.

Structured collaboration between Emerson and OEMs is expected to help life sciences companies more quickly bring therapies to patients by accelerating tech transfer and simplifying integration of manufacturing systems, equipment and skids.

Leading partners of life science research and the biopharmaceutical industry including Applikon, Cytiva, Sartorius, and Thermo Fisher Scientific have joined the programme and are collaborating with Emerson to release pre-engineered solutions.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are looking more and more to adopt new digitally-enabled manufacturing approaches such as modular, continuous and paperless manufacturing. Essential to adopting new digitally-enabled manufacturing approaches is the easy integration of new equipment and skids into balance of plant systems and orchestration of data across a therapy’s lifecycle. The smart skids and modular automation solutions developed as part of the Emerson programme will make real-time quality control, integration and data management easier for pharmaceutical companies. These solutions will ultimately drive better outcomes for patients – particularly during outbreaks like COVID-19 where speed is critical, and every link is vital to accelerating technology transfer and moving quickly from research to full manufacturing.

“Now, more than ever, biotech and pharmaceutical organisations need to quickly and safely deliver groundbreaking treatments, and doing so requires effective collaboration across industry,” said Rolf Hemminga, vice president for global life sciences sales and marketing at Emerson. “Emerson is working closely with leading OEMs to play a pivotal role in providing technology solutions that help manufacturers more quickly deliver critical treatments that improve the quality of life for millions of people across the globe.”

Structured business engagement between Emerson and OEMs will allow the organisations to work seamlessly together to add value to end users. Emerson and members of the DeltaV Life Sciences OEM Programme will develop pre-engineered solutions that integrate advanced laboratory and manufacturing skids with Emerson’s DeltaV automation system, a leading solution trusted by the world’s leading life sciences companies. Access to Emerson technologies such as pre-built configuration template libraries and cloud engineering will facilitate faster engineering and seamless collaboration.

This collaboration between Emerson and OEMs will enable customers to more quickly integrate modular skids with advanced technologies into plants’ existing manufacturing processes, where often a DeltaV system is already installed for process control. Pre-engineered solutions simplify integration and data handling so that less work is required onsite and skids can be deployed faster, reducing the risk of delaying project schedules or existing production. Initial solutions in the programme will leverage the DeltaV platform and the Syncade manufacturing execution system.

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