Tuesday 15 September 2020

Star quality pressure regulation.

If you are a fan of the big screen, you are going to love the new VPPI proportional pressure regulator from Festo. It features a large, high definition display that makes set-up and diagnosis a doddle.

A strong and silent type, the VPPI proportional pressure regulator delivers outstanding performance in various roles within the electronics, machine tool, assembly technology and food and packaging sectors – such as regulating pressure, testing, dispensing, press and press-fitting. Its quiet operation also makes the VPPI a class act in desktop and laboratory applications.

The VPPI has a flow rate of up to 1000 litres/min and a port size of ⅛“. Highly dynamic to 30Hz, it offers precise and stable operation in vacuum applications as well as tasks up to a pressure range of 12 bar.

The HMI properties of the VPPI are a major benefit for users, saving time and simplifying programming and fault diagnosis. A high definition TFT display makes information clear and easy to read. It is large enough to communicate using complete words and not just abbreviations or fault codes, so there is no need to refer to a separate operator manual. The display can be rotated depending on whether the device is mounted vertically or horizontally, making it easy to read even in confined conditions. The large screen is complemented by three large function buttons, which make the device easy to program and interrogate.

The VPPI allows customers to regulate pressure dynamically and precisely by specifying a setpoint. Three preset performance levels are possible: for small volumes, large volumes or continuous flow. In addition, a customer-specific preset enables users to achieve a suitable, independent control behaviour. This preset value also speeds up the adjustment of the setpoint value, since the regulator adapts to the application.

The precise and highly dynamic VPPI is directly actuated in all sizes within the range, with no need for preliminary stages or pilot valves. This results in a rapid, repeatable dynamic response and virtually eliminates the noise and heat associated with 3/2 mechanical valves.

Flexibility is another star quality. It is possible to connect up to five VPPIs together on a common pressure supply without the need for a separate manifold, reducing complexity and the potential for leakage. DIN rail and other mounting options enable other configurations too, giving users the ability to create pressure zones.

The VPPI family contains eight variants, with or without the display option. Combined with the wide pressure range and flow rates, this enables users to specify a single family of proportional pressure regulators for all their needs: simplifying purchasing and maintenance.

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