Thursday 17 September 2020

Digital Transformation and ICS Cybersecurity.

This webinar or conversation with Emerson and Dragos discusses dealing with the new challenges facing ICS cybersecurity and ensure digital transformation is secure. The session was held on 14th September 2020.
The conversation
Maintaining a competitive edge means leveraging the IIoT and its technologies to digitally transform operations and achieve new levels of performance improvement across the enterprise. The gains can be impressive, but integrating these technologies into an operation also poses risk. As the number of smart, network-dependent devices in a plant increases, so too, does the need for access to enterprise-level networks. Simply put, more connections mean more potential vulnerabilities – and there’s an ever-growing number of bad actors looking to exploit these vulnerabilities through sophisticated cyberattacks.

Look and listen here while Peter Zornio, Emerson Automation Solutions Chief Technology Officer, and Robert M. Lee, Dragos CEO participate in this conversation on how to deal with these new challenges and implement a secure digital transformation. The session was chaired by Michael Lester, Director of Cybersecurity Strategy, Governance and Architecture at Emerson.

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