Tuesday 22 October 2019

Data in the cloud!

Beijer Electronics’ cloud solution with acirro+ provides a new opportunity to get insights to streamline a machine’s operation and improve operations.

The business of makers of Things, machine builders or providers of other technical equipment, runs on data. Data that can tell when machines are running efficiently and indicate when maintenance or other measures need to be introduced.

The threshold to accelerating into digital has never been lower than now, closing the gap between OT and IT. Beijer Electronics’ X2 HMIs and BoX2 devices are now IIoT ready by standard and fully prepared to help clients to move their machine data to the cloud.

A secure cloud connection is easily set up in the acirro+ platform to start moving machine data to the cloud. The solution is simple to implement on a machine without needing to re-wire an existing installation or re-program an existing application.

Data in the cloud enables customers to analyse and understand past events using large amounts of historical data. Diagnose outages quicker and shorten time to resolution. Understanding evolution patterns, average variations and peak data changes are essential. Historical data helps customers forecast future events and act upon them.

With data securely stored in the cloud, customers are able to create visual dashboards that combine different data sources, no matter how simple or complex, into a single view including bar graphs, pie charts, etc. Key performance indicators from machines can be viewed in real or near-real time using the runtime dashboard.

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