Monday 7 October 2019

Managing lab information in China.

Autoscribe Informatics has appointed Mediproview Technology as their distributor in China for the Matrix family of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) products. Mediproview, based in Shanghai, provides one-stop information solutions, focused on the delivery of specialist software for laboratories.

Bob Blunden & Wenyu Chang
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Bob Blunden, Director Australasia and Asia Pacific at Autoscribe Informatics, said: “To target the China market we needed to find the best distributor who understood laboratory informatics as well as general laboratory requirements. Mediproview’s in-depth knowledge of laboratory informatics, as well as their understanding of the customer base in China, provides us with an excellent partner to market, implement and support our Matrix Gemini LIMS solutions in China. The configurability of Matrix Gemini provides opportunities in a wide range of markets, by allowing the LIMS solutions to be precisely tailored to the exact needs of individual laboratories, and in multiple laboratories within a single organization.”

The comprehensive configuration tools built into Matrix Gemini allow genuine system configuration without the need for custom software coding. The tools include an intuitive visual workflow screen editor that uses drag-and-drop and point-and-click methods to add fields, list boxes and other sophisticated controls, without the need for programming skills. An unlimited number of screens can be created, modified and integrated. In this way, the LIMS can be quickly implemented to meet the user requirements in terms of workflows, screen designs, menus, terminology, reports and much more.

Wenyu Chang, Director at Mediproview, said “Autoscribe impressed me by its focus and experience in developing and improving LIMS since 1985. It drives the information revolution which we want to bring to Chinese Pharma, Biotech and many other industries. Matrix Gemini is so user friendly with the system’s configurability compared with other products. Mediproview see Autoscribe as a perfect partner and we are really proud to represent Autoscribe Informatics and Matrix Gemini LIMS in China. We are sure we can do a great job together.”

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