Tuesday 22 October 2019

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97% of all instrument data at the field level is unused.

The new iTHERM TrustSens from Endress+Hauser, makes it possible to carry out continuous, traceable monitoring during the process thanks to a completely automated inline self-calibration function. This unique sensor technology represents a milestone in temperature measurement technology and offers added value, especially for users who need continuous monitoring of heating or sterilization processes. Apart from a high degree of process safety and improved system availability, iTHERM TrustSens furthermore eliminates the risk of nonconformities occurring during production.

97 percent of all instrument data at the field level is unused. With a live demonstration at its exhibit booth at BrauBeviale 2019 (Nuremberg {D}12-14/11/2019)*, the company will illustrate how customers can release this hidden potential. To support plant operators with the digitalization of their system components, they have developed their own IIoT ecosystem that focuses on the utilization and management of assets. In combination with the innovative diagnostics information from their Heartbeat technology, for instance, this makes it possible to determine the actual maintenance requirement or prevent unplanned system downtime.

When it comes to ensuring a consistently high level of quality during product manufacturing, inline measurement technology plays a decisive role. Whether it involves determining the pasteurization units in the heater, measuring the color in liquids or determining concentration-specific parameters via density, measurement values must be precise, reproducible and permanently stable. This is the only way to guarantee the required quality.

* Endress+Hauser will be presenting automation concepts and intelligent, self-monitoring measurement technologies that help make production processes safer and more efficient. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn how they can carry out precise measurements or satisfy process and system requirements in the age of Industry 4.0 with the help of intelligent instruments, complete solutions and services. Endress+Hauser will also present innovative calibration services and demonstrate how field instruments can be utilized to enable applications such as predictive maintenance or efficient asset management.
The Picomag electromagnetic flowmeter will also be on display, which offers compact flow measurements with integrated conductivity measurements in a handheld format, is suitable for use with water circulation systems, among other applications. (See also Magmeter upgraded.)
An additional product highlight for 2019 is the Promass Q Coriolis-based mass flow measurement instrument for demanding applications. This instrument relies on multi-frequency technology that makes it possible to precisely determine the degree of foam in ice cream or cream cheese, for instance. 
Another product tailored to the needs of the food industry is the cost-efficient Nivector FT126 capacitive level switch for all powders and fine-grained solids. This instrument offers best-in-class build-up monitoring performance. Thanks to IO-Link communications capability, the FT126 is also Industry 4.0-ready.

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