Thursday 10 October 2019

Self-adjusting double-acting air cylinders.

RS Components (RS) has expanded its offering from factory automation manufacturer Festo to include new double-acting pneumatic cylinders in the DSBC product range. Aimed at both machine builders and maintenance engineers, DSBC air cylinders are convenient, reliable and economical linear motion generators featuring patented self-adjusting cushioning technology.

Double-acting cylinders feature dual compressed air ports to develop a linear output force during both extension and retraction as well as a braking force toward the end of each stroke. However, setting them up manually does not necessarily optimise for individual applications, resulting in setting errors in up to 80% of cases.

With Festo’s self-adjusting end-of-stroke pneumatic cushioning method, known as PPS, the cross-section of the air ports is adjusted automatically to vary the braking effect according to changing loads and speeds. PPS even reacts to changes in friction and working pressure, optimising cushioning without the need for manual adjustment. This saves time during both installation and maintenance of DSBC cylinders, while minimising wear, noise and vibration and allowing continuous operation over a long service lifetime.

A magnetic high-alloy steel piston rod allows contactless position detection via proximity sensors in the cylinder body, while further enhancing service life.

The DSBC range comprises over 300 variants, with stroke length and cylinder bore size configured to suit a broad range of applications via a quick online selection tool. Cylinder bore size options are 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 100mm and 125mm, while numerous stroke length options are available from 1mm up to 2800mm. Cylinder output force ranges between 483N and 7363N.

The round actuators of the DSBC range conform to ISO 15552 specifications, providing interchangeability with commonly used hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders such as Festo’s previous-generation DNC and DNCB series. Optional mounting accessories allow the cylinder to be attached with a swivel bracket for free movement, foot mounted to support high loads, or combined with other actuators to give a wider range of movement.

The DSBC range is part of an ongoing introduction of over 10,000 new Festo devices to the RS product range and is available now in the EMEA region.

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