Tuesday 29 October 2019

Trusted MES software provider.

SC electronic service GmbH has selected Aegis Software as their trusted software provider, providing the full suite of IIoT-driven MES software.

The advantages for them of adoption of the single IIoT-driven FactoryLogix platform, brings unprecedented value opportunity, combining execution management, Digital Manufacturing Engineering, Lean material management, advanced quality management and analytics, all contributing to provide complete, exact traceability of materials and processes. Automated data collected natively from key machines, is fueled by the IPC Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) standard, enabling the maximum consistency and detail of live production information, with the minimum cost of ownership, for which FactoryLogix® is specifically designed, providing seamless context of visibility and control across all factory operations.

“Being a focused EMS company with an excellent reputation for capability, quality and trust, it is essential for our business that mission-critical tools meet and even exceed our standards to support quality and traceability, so that we can confidently expand our business to meet increasing customer demand, based on their satisfaction of our service,” states Raphael Mailänder, Production Manager, SC electronic service, who continues, “Aegis software has provided us the unique opportunity to realize our goals, illustrating our increased value proposition to customers.”

Daniel Walls, European Managing Director, Aegis Software, stated, “SC electronic service is an inspiring example of the excellence of local manufacturing in Germany, and how it becomes increasingly successful with the introduction of Smart software technology that directly supports current and future business needs.”

Manufacturing critical security assemblies, with increasing incorporation of electronic sub-systems, customers of SC electronic service are assured of the highest possible quality, visibility, and cost-effective manufacturing performance, delivering unprecedented product reliability.

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