Wednesday 16 October 2019

Powering the food chain...

On a trip to Rome some years ago we were introduced to the extraordinary food enterprise called Eataly* - a sort of IKEA for food albeit Italian food and drink (is there any better sort!). This made this story more interesting to us.

Have you ever wondered how much work is hidden behind a glass of wine? Or how wheat is sown, harvested and transformed into a pasta dish? FPT Industrial and Eataly announce a three-year partnership to recount the food chain, from farm to table. The two companies have chosen an exceptional stage for this world premiere: Eataly Smeraldo in Milan, where, throughout the month of October, visitors can learn about the ingredients of this special story.

The special Cursor X framework in the Eataly Smeraldo store in Milan

The Milanese store is welcoming visitors in a tailor-made setting representing vine shoots to celebrate the month of wine. Cursor X - the engine concept of the future, a symbol of how FPT Industrial conceives technology, innovation and sustainability - is displayed hanging from Eataly Smeraldo's stage, among the roots of a vine tree. The engine, designed for Planet Earth and for greener agriculture, is Multi-power, because it can be powered by natural gas, electric batteries and hydrogen; Modular, easy to install and quick to maintain; Multi-application, adapted to any vehicle and mission; Mindful, capable of self-learning, predicting and programming its own maintenance. The set-up has been designed to be sustainable as the emissions for its production will be offset by the planting of trees.

From seeds to high-quality food on our tables, FPT Industrial and Eataly divide the story of the virtuous production process in the store into four thematic areas dedicated to typical products of Italian cuisine: wine, pasta, tomatoes and cheese.

With its engines, FPT Industrial helps to plant, harvest and deliver high-quality products to our table, placing sustainability at the heart of its research. Throughout its history, the Brand has been a key player in the changes of agriculture, thanks to its innovative and increasingly environmentally friendly engines.

Today, 40% of the wheat and 80% of the wine grapes in the world are harvested thanks to machines powered by FPT Industrial. “The partnership with Eataly is one that once again makes us proud of our products and our mission, because we can recount and explain the role of our engines along the entire food chain”, says Carlo Moroni, Head of Communication for FPT Industrial. “From farm to table, FPT Industrial is the sustainable and innovative engine of agriculture”.

“The earth is tired. Therefore, technologies that express environmental responsibility are very welcome”, explains Francesco Farinetti, CEO of Eataly. “The agricultural sector production chain is witness to virtuous changes through technologies that express respect for the environment. If we can also do our small part by telling our customers about these new frontiers, then we do it very willingly. For us, the ideal scenario is to innovate while preserving traditions”.

The story of this chain is also broken down into two events at Eataly Smeraldo. The first one will be held on October 18th at 6:30 p.m. with Chiara Maci, the new TV face of Food Network with the series "L'Italia a morsi", presenter of the show "Cuochi e Fiamme" and author of various cookbooks. She will be the key figure of a cooking show that will engage the public in the preparation of original dishes.

I'm hungry already.... Sláinte!

* We understand that their are branches of Eataly in the USA and possibly in other countries.

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