Thursday, 27 September 2018

Sulphur/Total Nitrogen Analyser.

The next generation elemental analyser, “ElemeNtS”is the successor of PAC's “MultiTek” .

Launched under their Antek™ brand, ElemeNtS is the most advanced, modular, analytical system available for the detection of Total Nitrogen and/or Total Sulphur content in liquid, gaseous materials and LPG samples. Three configurations are available: ElemeNtS-N for Nitrogen analysis, ElemeNtS-S for Sulphur analysis and ElemeNtS-N/S for simultaneous Nitrogen and Sulphur analysis.

ElemeNtS positions itself as the best performing TS/TN analyser in the market, combining an extremely stable Sulphur and Nitrogen detectors with linearity up to 104.
ElemeNtS complies with key standard methods such as D5453, EN ISO 20846, D4629, IP490, DIN 51444, EN 15486, D7183, D7184, UOP 971, IP554, D7551, D6667, UOP 936, D5176.
The new generation Elemental Analyzer “ElemeNtS” displays exceptional sensitivity and allows simultaneous analysis of Total Sulphur and Total Nitrogen in hydrocarbon samples up to 30 ppbw, according to ISO 11843.

Featuring a 10” touch-screen, the ElemeNtS allows for direct queue control and diagnostics, along with a completely revamped IRIS based software platform make controlling ElemeNtS effortless. ElemeNtS also has an easy accessible front door to keep maintenance of the instrument hassle-free.

The ElemeNtS is delivered completely turnkey and as such is factory tuned, calibrated & validated. Other benefits include documented methods as well as two year warranty on hardware and applications.

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