Monday, 17 September 2018

End-to-End SCADA Security.

Bedrock Automation is demonstrating commercially available end-to-end SCADA security built on the cyber secure root of trust embedded in their control system at this year’s Inductive Automation Ignition Community Conference (ICC) this week in Folsum (CA USA). In this application, Bedrock® Open Secure Automation (OSA®) provides secure, high-performance control of industrial field devices, while also authenticating and encrypting OPC UA communications across Ignition SCADA using the Bedrock Certificate Authority (CA) and public key infrastructure (PKI).

“OPC UA enables open and secure communications across industrial devices. OPC UA’s highest level of security, however, requires authenticating all communications against a cyber secure root of trust, which is what Bedrock uniquely provides. We are pleased to continue working with Inductive Automation to help them deliver authenticated and encrypted SCADA,” said Bedrock CEO and founder Albert Rooyakkers.

At ICC, Bedrock and Inductive are demonstrating a process control application in which a Bedrock® system is sharing production data across a plant network with an Ignition Server. The Bedrock control system provides an authenticated and encrypted message signed by the cryptographic keys built into the Bedrock controller itself and validated against the Bedrock Certificate Authority. Through an exchange of electronic certificates, the Bedrock PKI verifies both the source and the integrity of all data transmitted.

In addition to OPC UA, OSA supports standards such as IEC 61131-3, MQTT and Ethernet IP, with- software selectable universal digital, discrete and analog I/O. The Bedrock® OSA infrastructure is used to authenticate hardware, firmware and software. Users interact with the cyber functions via a simple dashboard.

Bedrock Automation and Inductive Automation have now implemented this architecture at many sites and are in the process of installing at many more. “Cyber security is critical to the next generation of industrial productivity, and we have extensive programs in place to secure our customers’ applications. The industrial certificate authority that Bedrock provides augments the capability, helping to deliver the efficiency and profitability benefits of open connectivity with minimal risk of cyber intrusion,” said Don Pearson, Chief Strategy Officer at Inductive Automation.

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