Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Optical network monitoring.

Laser Components offers the OTU-5000 from Viavi Solutions, a compact solution for optical time-domain reflectrometry (OTDR) monitoring of infrastructures and fibre optic networks.

Since it is only one rack unit, the OUT-5000 is able to control 72 glass fibers that are 100 kilometers or longer. Since it does not require complex software or a server connection, the system can be run as a stand-alone solution. It is controlled via a web browser, and error messages are sent by e-mail or SMS.

At the same time, the OTU-5000 offers maximum future security: The optical switches are scalable to up to 1080 connections, and the entire system can be easily integrated into a comprehensive automated ONMSi monitoring solution.

The need for efficient network monitoring is no longer limited to large telecommunication carriers. Providers of so-called critical infrastructures must comply to critical infrastructure protection (CIP) regulations and grant the failure-free operation of their facilities. In any case, OTDR allows for immediate detection and localization of performance errors in order to correct any errors often before service quality is noticeably impaired.

Specialised sensors can also be integrated into the OTDR system for monitoring passive infrastructures such as manhole covers or service cabinets.

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