Friday, 7 September 2018

Cybersecurity certified programmable controllers.

A new range of DIN rail mounting Eurotherm™ Programmable Controllers, placing precision at the heart of a process has been launched by Schneider.

Cameron Large, Global OEM Business Development Manager at Eurotherm commented,  “The EPC2000 DIN rail controller enables an OEM to easily integrate high precision control and setpoint programming into a PLC system by using native Ethernet communication."

EPC2000 Programmable Controllers are easy to install, commission and replace. Enhanced Eurotherm control performance and exceptional measurement thermal stability aids repeatability and yield; many specialist processes have limited tolerance to temperature fluctuations and the enhanced Eurotherm PID algorithm is particularly well suited to critical process steps with rapid mitigation of disturbances. Single loop controllers continue to maintain zone conditions, independently of a supervisory system or PLC(s). Designed especially for high reliability in demanding environments, the controller helps reduce unplanned downtime.

Compact EPC2000 devices can be distributed close to the point of use reducing cabling runs and wiring costs. Ethernet connectivity enhances the convergence of information and operations technology, giving plant managers access to data needed to make informed decisions. This connectivity exploits the industrial internet of things across a multitude of applications and manufacturing processes. Certification to international standards allows the EPC2000 range to be applied to a wide spectrum of markets and applications.

The controllers are easy to integrate and set up, with a robust battery-free design which helps reduce equipment and maintenance costs. Adaptable to changing needs, with flexible software, user function block wiring and instant upgrades available online plus easy-to-integrate Ethernet communications minimizes cost of ownership.

Christopher Ashworth, VP & Managing Director, Eurotherm by Schneider-Electric said “The EPC2000 controller, certified to the highly demanding Achilles® CRT Level 1 qualification, continues the Eurotherm strategic focus on products designed around best practices for cybersecurity. The Schneider ‘Innovation at Every Level’ approach is helping our customers to save time, energy and money every day.”

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