Tuesday 24 April 2018

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Novotek has launched its Britain and Ireland brand following the acquisition of Glasgow-based Kerrco Automation. The rebranded Novotek UK and Ireland will help businesses across the manufacturing, utilities, process and energy sectors to improve all aspects of operational effectiveness. The company aims to deliver this through smart use of both existing and new technologies to connect, analyse and visualise operation data.

Tobias Antius - CEO Novotek
Novotek UK and Ireland will fulfil the growing demand for digitalisation and interconnectivity in the UK market. The company channel partner in these territories for GE Digital and GE Automation and Controls, allowing Novotek to supply businesses there with fourth generation HMI and SCADA systems, such as the iFix HMI software, as well as the Predix industrial internet of things (IIoT) platform.

In addition to its GE offerings, Kerrco Automation’s rebranding gives it access to a selection of new digital products and systems through the Novotek Group.

The full portfolio of Novotek includes the Kepware suite of connectivity and Auvesy’s market leading versioning product for automation equipment as well as Novotek’s specially designed components for iFix and Historian by GE Digital. These components packages provide additional functionality to the standard products, allowing plant and facilities managers to improve the effectiveness of their systems.

“There has been a transformation in the UK IoT market in the past twelve months,” explains George Walker, managing director of Novotek UK and Ireland. “More sectors are now identifying the value to be found in the convergence of IT and operational technology (OT). It’s no longer a predominately industrial movement; we’re seeing a growing interest in the digitalisation of critical infrastructure and utilities, such as energy and water, with automation technologies.

“As part of the Novotek Group, we can apply the company’s insight into similar projects across Europe to better meet the needs of the UK market. Novotek has a history of providing creative solutions to customer requests in other regions, with the company often guiding customers out of their typical comfort zone to think differently and achieve more. By bringing this approach to the region, we can help businesses across the UK and Ireland to realise their full potential with modern, digital technologies.”

According to a recent global IoT survey, roughly one third of businesses will be looking to invest between $100,000 and $1 million over the next five years. However, Novotek argues that the amount that businesses are willing to invest in IoT is not necessarily as important as how the technology is implemented and how adoption is handled.

“The key to successfully adopting digitalisation is expertise and experience,” says Tobias Antius, CEO of Novotek. “Kerrco Automation and Novotek both had the technical capabilities, product portfolio and industry experience to provide this expertise. This brought the two companies together and, by pooling our resources, we are able to help more UK businesses lead from the front of the IoT market, as well as better serve our existing customers in the region.”

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