Wednesday 11 April 2018

LED displays.

JPR Electronics has a wide range of Kingbright* 7 segment single digit SMD LED displays from stock. These rugged displays are white diffused with a grey face and coloured LED segments.

Paul Raynor, Director of JPR Electronics, comments, “Kingbright are recognised globally as an innovative manufacturer of very bright LED indicators and supply many major equipment manufacturers. Their seven segment displays allow designers to create rugged, low-current requirement custom displays suitable for both low and high volume manufacturing.”

Typical applications include laboratory, industrial and handheld instrumentation and control systems and test and measurement equipment.

Available in heights of 0.2”, 0.3”, 0.4” and 0.56” all models feature a lower right hand decimal point, have excellent character appearance, low current operation, are RoHS compliant, meet moisture sensitivity level 2a and can be supplied on reels for automatic surface mount assembly.

The displays are available in high-brightness red, yellow and green colours and with either common anode or common cathode connections.

* Kingbright is a leading global manufacturer of LED products with its main office in Taiwan. For over 30 years Kingbright has been supplying a large number of well-known OEM’s all over the world with high quality LED products, technical innovations and unparalleled service. Kingbright’s production facilities are located in China and equipped with the most modern manufacturing equipment offering high production capacity. This enables the company to offer short lead-times even on high volume requirements and bespoke customer developments

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