Tuesday 3 April 2018

New business in machine vision.

Protacon has strengthened its framework by purchasing the business of Vision Systems a Finnish company. For process industry customers this means an increasingly broad range of services with turn key deliveries that can include, in addition to measurement and quality control solutions, Industry 4.0 technology in the form of remote control as well as equipment functionality analysis.

Kari Pellinen (left) and Kari Rahkola
With the deal, the product portfolio and all employees of Vision Systems will be transferred to Protacon to form a completely new business unit specialised in machine vision.

“There are not many companies offering as broad range of services and we therefore believe that with this package we will be an even more interesting partner to paper industry customers, for example”, says Kari Pellinen, CEO of Protacon Technologies.

According to Mr. Pellinen, great growth potential is still linked to the utilisation of machine vision solutions in different industries, such as the wood processing and the metal and steel industry – as well as health technology.

“Generally, benefits can be found in areas where machine vision can help detect things that are invisible to the human eye, particularly when the object moves. For example, it can improve efficiency of production equipment”, he explains.

The transaction is a continuum to Protacon's investment in industrial integration services. In the past year, the company purchased several businesses that strengthen its concept of operation. Kari Rahkola, the owner of Vision Systems, a company founded more than 30 years ago, reflected upon various possibilities regarding the future of his company.

“I considered options of growing our business further and providing the best possible opportunities for success to our highly skilled and committed personnel also in the future. I have been following Protacon's strong development for a long time and my confidence in future perspectives is strong. In a larger company, the visibility and foothold in the market will certainly bring new opportunities and boost our business”, Mr. Rahkola says.

Kari Rahkola believes that there will be a great number of remarkable benefits for both parties, some of which are not yet even visible.

“A package containing a sufficient number of positive items creates a virtuous circle helping to find larger entities – good things will lead to other good things.”

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