Monday 9 April 2018


Thomson Industries has announced the latest addition to their shafting product line, T-Case™ LinearRace® Shafting. Thomson T-Case™ shafting is a readily available and affordable automation solution designed to endure tough usage with optimal performance for demanding European maintenance schedules.

The high-quality shafting provides various benefits to automation manufacturers. For example, the steel used in hardened and ground T-Case™ is 1.1213 / CF53 for solid and 1.1221 / C60E for tubular shafts. Combining the strong material with superior grinding processes enables the shaft to successfully operate in the most demanding environments.

To ensure long life in transport-grade applications, T-Case™ is hardened to an exact specification of 60 - 63 HRC. A chrome-plating option is available with a standard thickness of 8 - 15 μm, which is used in applications where corrosion resistance is needed such as palletizing, railroad equipment, logistic systems, etc.

Thomson T-Case™ is particularly valuable due to its flexibility in application and great tolerance of non-machined installation surfaces when bundled with self-aligning, Thomson Linear Ball Bushing® bearings.

To meet specific application requirements, T-Case™ shafting can be cut and machined at the Thomson factory before distribution to customers. The availability of this service eliminates the need for a secondary step after shipping. Thomson also provides a fast lead time within a week.

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