Thursday 26 April 2018

Irish co-operation on Brexit.

Irish project managers are establishing a cross-border working group to address Brexit. This was announced at the Ireland Chapter of Project Management Institute’s (PMI) annual conference. The new all-island working group will make recommendations on how Brexit’s impact on cross-border projects can be minimised.

The group, consisting of members from the Ireland Chapter of PMI, the largest professional organisation for project managers in Ireland with over 1,300 members, and the PMI Northern Ireland Committee, will put in place recommendations on how to navigate Brexit. The British formal exit from the European Union takes place in 2019.

Gerald Fleming, former head of forecasting at Met Éireann, and chair of the Public Weather Services Programme at the World Meteorological Organization; Dr Norah Patten, who is on course to become Ireland’s first ever astronaut; Pat Lucey, President, Ireland Chapter of PMI; Marcus Gageby, EY Ireland advisory partner; and Ariadna Groberio, Chair, PMI Northern Ireland Committee.
The announcement opened the Ireland Chapter of PMI’s annual conference at the Aviva Stadium (Dublin, IRL) with headline sponsor EY Ireland. This Stadium is the HQ of the Irish Rugby Football Union which is itself an all island body which predates the Border. The event, titled The Change Makers, was attended by almost 400 business leaders, with guest speakers including Irish astronaut hopeful, Dr Norah Patten; former head of forecasting at Met Éireann, Gerald Fleming; and EY Ireland advisory partner, Marcus Gageby.

Speaking on the announcement, President of the Ireland Chapter of PMI, Pat Lucey said: “This cross-border, all-island strategy on Brexit is incredibly important, especially given the current talks on the customs union. So many all-island projects are in jeopardy if a strong and definite strategy is not put in place now before a border, of any kind, becomes a reality.”

This is the first working group of the Ireland Chapter of PMI and the PMI Northern Ireland Committee since their Memorandum of Understanding was signed in 2016.

PMI Northern Ireland Committee Chair, Ariadna Groberio added the development of the cross-border strategy will benefit project managers that work in Northern Ireland and the Republic. “By engaging in this cohesive and strategic all-island approach, the two PMI branches will assist and help project managers in futureproofing against Brexit uncertainty.”

Speaking on the new all-island working group, Marcus Gageby stated: "A collaborative approach outlined by project managers either side of the border is very much welcomed, as joined-up thinking is needed to minimise the impact of Brexit on north-south projects.”

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