Friday 6 April 2018

Computing and communication unite!

MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH and duagon Holding AG are merging to become a provider of software and hardware solutions for data processing and communication. The two companies expect their complementary product range and expertise as well as perfectly complementary sales structures to give them a leading position as manufacturers of safe computer and communication solutions in critical embedded applications.

The previous investor of MEN, HQ Equita, has decided to sell MEN Mikro Elektronik with its subsidiaries in China, France, and the USA to Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG) in the course of the merger. duagon Holding was already a company in the DBAG portfolio.

The integration and further development of the newly created group will be accompanied by MEN founder Manfred Schmitz. He will retain his shares in MEN and will remain available to the company as a shareholder and as a member of the Board of Directors of the superordinate new group.

With the joint expertise of MEN and duagon, new products and complete solutions are to be developed. The focus is on automatic safety systems and technological trends such as autonomous driving.

Dr. Markus Dilger, former CEO of duagon and future CEO of the Communication business unit, comments: "We are pleased with the new perspectives that the merger of MEN and duagon opens up for both companies. For duagon, these include access to MEN's hardware expertise, for example in terms of reliability standards, and to new markets such as aerospace and medical".

Bernd Härtlein, former CEO of MEN and future CEO of the Computing business unit, adds: "We look forward to working with duagon and are confident that this merger will create a market-leading company for complete computing and communication hardware and software solutions for safety-critical markets. With duagon's expertise, this will initially mean an even stronger focus on the rail market, but it is important to us to continue expanding MEN's existing focus markets such as industrial automation, avionics or power & energy".

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