Thursday, 21 December 2017

Communications co-operation.

Local Interconnect Network (LIN) is an internationally standardized automotive communication technology. Originally supported and maintained by the LIN Consortium, which closed the related LIN website a couple of years ago. In the meantime, LIN became an international standard (ISO 17987 series).

LIN like CAN is not just used in automotive applications, but also in some other application fields.

ISO has nominated the CAN in Automation (CiA) nonprofit association as the Registration Authority (RA) for the required LIN Supplier ID. Legacy LIN Supplier IDs needs be re-registered before they are listed on the website. Nevertheless, it is guaranteed that legacy IDs are not assigned to other parties.

CiA publishes the LIN Supplier ID on the newly released LIN website. The website comprises also some basic information about LIN and related news. It will be extended in the next year, in order to give the LIN community a home again.

There is not much competition between CAN and LIN, but most of the chipmakers and tool providers are the same. Thus it makes sense to use an already well-established administration for this purpose.

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