Friday, 15 December 2017

Measuring tyre-rim pressure.

Interface Force Measurements has announced the launch of two new sensors for its tyre pressure monitoring system from XSensor. These sensors are now available in Britain for automotive manufacturers, tyre manufacturers, race teams as well as current users of the X3 PRO system.

XSensor, innovators in pressure imaging, has introduced two new sensors for the automotive industry designed specifically to test the pressure between a tyre and the rim. As an addition to its already renowned tyre pressure mapping system, the addition of bead contact pressure measurement sensors means stress analysis studies of tyres and wheels can now be conducted.

Two sensor options are available. The IX510.3.64.05-10 has been designed for use on car and truck tyres and in field trials has been shown to be highly durable being able to withstand multiple tests in the same position. The IX510.3.128.05-10 is a unique version for very large tyres and rims such as those on mining and agricultural vehicles and XSensor is only company that can supply such a product. 

The IX510.3.64.05-10 measure 1.52mmx16.2cm with a 5.08mm x 2.54mm resolution and a pressure range of up to 353N/cm2 (512psi). The 353N/cm2 allows the sensor and software to extrapolate pressure values up to 706N/cm2 (1024psi). The sensor is made from a flex material to provide a rugged sensor exterior as well as a high-resolution image over a limited pressure surface. The information provided shows users the pressures on both the heel and the toe of the rim and two sensors can be used simultaneously to provide information at different intervals along the tyre rim. This sensor has been extensively field-tested and has passed with flying colours.

The longer IX510.3.128.05-10 is a unique sensor for R&D companies who are interested in understanding the bead pressures for new designs of very large tyres. Due to the rims used and the procedure of getting very large tyres onto rims, these sensors are not intended for repeated use. To date, XSensor is the only pressure imaging company that has been able to overcome the difficult testing scenarios and develop a pressure sensor that can accurately measure these bead pressures.

Existing customers will find that both new sensors integrate seamlessly with the current XSensor X3 PRO tyre pressure mapping system and the X3 PRO V7 or V8 software can be used to record and view files.  

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