Tuesday, 5 December 2017

LCI Junction Box.

The intelligent LCI junction box from Applied Measurements, delivers continuous enhanced load cell alarm and fault monitoring for up to 4 load cells. This instant and constant fault monitoring means problems are detected immediately, increasing production safety and limiting costly downtime.

For multi-load cell applications it monitors each load cell independently and tells which load cell has a fault and exactly what the fault is. This allows switching out the faulty load cell quickly for fast repairs and also prevents batch wastage and overflow due to undetected load cell and cable faults.
How this junction box promises to save money!
1. Continuous Monitoring of Individual Load Cells
2. Immediate Alarm Activation when Faults Detected
3. Instant Fault Diagnostics
4. Increased Safety
5. Equipment Failure Downtime Reduced
6. Avoids Batch Wastage and Overflow
7. 5V Supply Option = Lower Power Consumption
This junction box not only continually monitors the load cells it also acts as a summing junction box, summing the connected load cells. The number of load cells may be selected easily on the display.

It doesn't come with any power connections as it uses the same excitation supply of the connected load cells. Plus, it now supports both 5V and 10V supply requiring even less power from the connected load cell.

The red 4 digit LED display shows which load cell is at fault and why.
When the system is functioning correctly the red 4 digit LED display shows "good". If an error is detected the display shows a code telling you which load cell is at fault and what the fault is.

There is an alarm LED on the LCI junction box board that lights up when a fault is detected in the system. There is also a relay output to drive an alarm to quickly alert engineers to a fault with the system.

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