Tuesday, 18 March 2014

High flow capacity tank blanketing regulators!

Emerson  has released the T200 Series small-size tank blanketing regulators. This new series of regulators consists of three models: the T205 pressure reducing tank blanketing regulator – non-balanced trim; the T205B pressure-reducing tank blanketing regulator – balanced trim; and the T208 pressure relief tank blanketing regulator.

The latest tank blanketing sizing guidelines (ISO 28300 and API 2000) take into account additional factors than mere pumping in and out and temperature changes. They include factors such as the latitude, average storage temperature, vapour pressure, and insulation. These changes in flow requirements may result in greater flow capacity, which is provided with the new T200 Series.

Storage tanks fluctuate in pressure as content is pumped in or out and as the temperature increases or decreases. Tank blanketing regulators such as the T200 Series ensure proper vapour pressure in liquid storage tanks by adding blanketing gas or relieving tank vapour. This is important for safety, product quality and the environment.

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