Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Position controller!

“Economical and reliable” is how the experts are describing the Festo position controller, CMSX, designed for double-acting quarter turn actuators. A unique feature of the controller is the ability to provide a pre-definable safety position for the process valve.

In addition to energy-efficient operation, further key features of the CMSX position controller include its attractive price/performance ratio and the high-level of process safety it offers. This is ensured through its analogue and digital feedback signals and definable positions. The end positions can be defined flexibly via freely configurable analogue signals. In the standard variant of the position controller, its microcontroller continuously displays these feedback signals.

In closed-loop mode, the CMSX continuously compares the set point signal with the actual position of the quarter turn actuator. Any deviations automatically trigger an error message and an emergency stop. If there should be a power-supply failure, the process valve can be brought to a previously specified safety position, therefore minimising process risks.

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