Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Cybersecurity conference!

The International Society of Automation (ISA) is to conduct a cybersecurity conference in June 2014 to help corporations and operators of critical infrastructure better protect their systems and networks from potentially destructive cyber attacks.

Co-located at THE BIG M
The ISA Cybersecurity Conference 2014 is being held in conjunction with THE BIG M Manufacturing Convergence, an inaugural event produced by SME to explore the diverse challenges and solutions across all areas of manufacturing.

You’ll be able to expand your knowledge in other key areas—from smart and digital manufacturing to advanced materials and sustainability—through direct discussions with industry leaders and by participating in a wide range of small-group technical and networking sessions.

THE BIG M also features an expansive exhibition where leading companies-- including ISA--will be demonstrating their latest and most innovative solutions and services.

When manufacturers talk about our industry, they often say, `Not just manufacturing, but THE BIG M,’ which includes the entire manufacturing enterprise from innovation and ideas, through design and production to sustainability and everything in between,” says Debbie Holton, SME’s Managing Director of Industry and Technology. “We will be harnessing the power of industry leaders to work toward real solutions to industry challenges—the skills gap, global competition, and new technologies like 3D printing, cybersecurity, supply chain and more.

“THE BIG M is about cool technology and research breakthroughs,” she continues. “We want to engage the creative thinkers, problem solvers, technical experts and business people and invite them to be part of the change.”
The conference, which will feature acclaimed industrial cybersecurity experts from industry, government and academia, will be held as a sub-conference of THE BIG M Manufacturing Convergence, an inaugural event produced by SME to explore the diverse challenges and solutions across all areas of manufacturing. THE BIG M will be held 9-12 June 2014  in Detroit, (Michigan USA.)

“While no one can prevent industrial cyberattacks from occurring, you can significantly reduce your risk by understanding the vulnerabilities and minimizing the consequences,” says Eric C. Cosman, a consulting engineer at Dow Chemical and a nationally recognized expert on industrial automation and control systems (IACS) security. “This valuable conference will shed light on what you can do to protect your industrial networks and control systems from serious damage from cyber threats.”

Without taking the proper protective steps, Cosman warns that industrial cyber attack could contribute to equipment failure and impairment, production loss or regulatory violations, with possible negative impacts on the environment or public welfare.

Through engaging technical sessions and presentations, the ISA Cybersecurity Conference 2014 will:

  • Reveal how to detect cyber threats and mitigate the risks and exposure to your plant systems and networks
  • Introduce proven industrial control systems security standards and practices and demonstrate how to leverage them
  • Showcase best practices utilized in various industries and highlight peer experiences and lessons learned

The conference program also will pinpoint the role and ramifications of technology as well as business and human factors, and how to effectively balance them within the scope of a comprehensive industrial cybersecurity initiative.

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