Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mobile material logistics software!

A live, hands-on demonstration of the Aegis FactoryLogix mobile material logistics module, inStock will be possible at next week's APEX in Las Vegas (NV USA), (March 25-27). Visitors will learn how this simple and intuitive handheld scanning solution significantly improves operational efficiency and accuracy in stockrooms that typically rely on fixed computer terminals or paper-based material management.

inStock utilises the convenience of a pocket-sized Motorola MC40 mobile computer with a modern, touchscreen interface to scan inventory into valid/approved stock locations, providing users with instant access to each part instance, quantity and location.

When material is required for a job, inStock users are guided through the kitting process with digital pick lists that are grouped by their destination on the factory floor, and sorted for efficient picking in the stock area. Once assigned to a kit, this material is removed from stock and its location is tracked through the entire manufacturing process, and available for immediate lookup.

“inStock leverages the decades of materials logistics expertise of our colleagues from our diplan acquisition in 2012” explains John Walls, Chief Technology Officer at Aegis. “Our engineering teams in the US and Germany worked closely to integrate the diplan software with our FactoryLogix Manufacturing Operations System, which then allowed us to rapidly develop the mobile application our customers were looking for.”

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