Tuesday 14 February 2023

Towards Zero-Carbon.

A new publication focused on its commitment to sustainability and the path towards carbon net-zero operations has been published by Servomex.

Issue 39 of the company’s long-running Expert Solutions (ES) magazine looks at how Servomex supports customers looking to work in a more sustainable way, with gas analysis solutions to make industrial processes more sustainable.

Available to download (from here), or read online in an interactive format, it also maps out Servomex’s achievements so far on the way to meeting its sustainability goals and empowering change for industries around the world.

A series of features illustrate how gas analysis plays a vital role in clean air strategies, carbon capture, and other decarbonization applications, with an explanation of the different sensing technologies recommended for each process.

Servomex General Counsel Oskar Ekström highlights the company’s ethical approach to business, and there is an interview with Servomex’s new Director of Sustainability and Strategic Projects, Mike Proctor, who is leading the company’s net-zero aspirations.

Mike’s remit includes ensuring the company’s products and applications can help Servomex customers to maximize the efficiency of their operations, and in this magazine he explains how sustainability works across the organization, along with the impact of Servomex being awarded a gold rating for sustainable operations by the independent assessor EcoVadis.

This rating is based on a company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, using a variety of corporate performance evaluation criteria to measure the business's impact on society, the environment, and the economy.

It also determines how transparent and accountable it is, including how you measure and demonstrate this with documents, data, and audited policies.

Mike said: “The EcoVadis gold rating puts Servomex in the top 7% of the 75,000 companies assessed, and demonstrates that our commitment to sustainability is not just talk – it’s a measurable fact. Robust criteria have given EcoVadis global acceptance and credibility as THE sustainability rating worldwide, and this in turn helps Servomex to support our own values and those of our suppliers, customers, and investors.

“In the latest ES magazine, readers can find more detail about how we’ve achieved our current position, what we’re doing to improve further, and how we can support customers to reach their own sustainability targets.”

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