Monday 6 February 2023

Visibility and Security Platform for Industrial IoT.

The security benefits provided by Cisco Cyber Vision are now available from Impulse Embeded. Cyber Vision is a suite of products and services aimed at providing OT network visibility and actionable insights.
The implementation of Cyber Vision helps IT and OT teams collaborate towards a shared goal.

The visibility offered by Cisco Cyber Vision enables three key value propositions:

  1. NETWORK INSIGHTS - Improve network performance and security by identifying all devices connected to an OT industrial network to drive segmentation projects and troubleshoot issues. Also highlights security issues to identify and prioritise risks.
  2. REDUCE DOWNTIME - Monitor all OT events to spot device problems before they disrupt production and troubleshoot operational issues faster, and gain insights into the industrial process.
  3. SECURITY POSTURE - Reduce the attack surface. Identify risks to take early corrective actions and implement best practices to maintain system integrity and production continuity. Also offer initial inputs for a formal risk assessment.

After an initial meeting with an Impulse Embedded, Cisco certified, Engineer to discuss the expectations of the Cyber Vision deployment, a list of required information is developed to ensure all areas of risk are covered. A range of Cyber Vision sensors will be connected to the customer’s network and data collected for analysis at the customers site or Impulse Embedded dedicated Innovation Hub in Staffordshire (GB) and recommendations will be made about any actions required.

Impulse Embedded has over 20 years of experience designing, building and supporting embedded computing solutions. Their embedded systems capabilities creates reliable, repeatable, and revision-controlled systems which can reduce project costs and development time. Their team of in-house engineers and specialists, all with decades of experience, can offer customers fully deployable embedded computing solutions straight out of the box.

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